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Cultural Council Festival of Arts - GYO On Stage


by Iva Powell Perry, Saturday, January 5, 2019
Good afternoon, 
Today was exciting and we all had fun. Let me tell you all about it. 
Parents and performers met at the community center at 9:15 am, where the students warmed up and practiced their music in the parking lot. Before everyone arrived GYO’s lead violinist (Jada Powell) sorted the music in playing order in the binders. (Mrs. Haar, let’s get a “Master Copy” of music do all music is available in each students’ binder. Noemie can help you with this.) We left here shortly after 10 am. 
We arrived at Riverside and at the stage at 10:30 am:    We met Ms. Sue in the parking lot and all hands helped transport all of our music, music stands, violins and bows, keyboard and stand, piano bench, brochures and our GYO sign. Our students, staff and parents walked from the parking lot near the museum together to check in near the Children’s Theatre. (We had to check in at 10:45 am.) We had the attention before one note was played! You should have seen us waking together smiling and giggling, dressed alike and carrying our things. We are amazing! We are excellent! And we are her to show that we are. Now walk like you are! We are professionals! We are the best! I told them all this before we began I walk. 
We checked in - it was a little confusing but we found where we were to be and was told “you’re the first group to officially check in” - we are the best where my thoughts. I didn’t hesitate to tell their volunteers that either. 
We waited for our turn on stage. There are several pics to show what we did while we waited. Enjoy! 
I briefly introduced the GYO when it was our turn to perform. Sue, Noemie and Floyd (our roadie) helped set up as I spoke. Other parents helped entertain the small children and keep an eye on our belongings. One parent purchased juice and chips for them after their performance. I thought this was nice and thoughtful. (I will have to have Noemie take care of this for future appearances - a healthy snack is required.) 
Jada, Rebekah, Diamond, Pryssi and Mieca took the stage with style and grace. They played their pieces as Mrs. Haar’s email instructed. After two songs, Diamond and all performers took a bow and she exited the stage. After two or three more songs, Pryssi and Mieca did as Diamond and they exited the stage. This left two ladies standing! They stood tall, poised and with confidence they ended the Strings performance. 
I took the stage and talked a little more about the GYO while Floyd walked around and handed out more brochures. (He’d handed out several earlier after our first song if I’m not mistaken.) Sue and two piano parents gathered young performers and the bench and the foot stool. We are now ready for the second half of our appearance! Those little ivory ticklers (our 3 and 4 year old students) did awesome job! The audience was amazed! I was tickled at their delight. When Jeanne sat down and began her rendition of “Little Playmates” I heard someone say, “oh wow” and I am again, tickled but this time I giggled. Aaron Romero was the last pianist to play and he was worth saving for last. I don’t know what he played but he played it like one breathes, effortlessly. -Great job Sue! Thank you for coming out and doing what you do! 
Now it was time for our grand finale! Jada to play her concert solo with Sue. There’s a video on my Facebook page. Take a look there. (I was hired to be Sue’s page holder and that’s why I’m on stage.) 
Afterwards we all helped clear the stage and we walked away together. The violinists went to the Music Angels booth and then to Mr. J’s booth. He won 1st place ribbon for one of his paintings. He talked to our children and encouraged them to continue their art, playing the violin. (His wife asked about you Dr. Bujol.) All the while, Noemie is still stuffing brochures into the hands of people, many people. -Thank you Noemie! I could not do this without your help. 
Today was simply amazing. Simply beautiful. And the weather was perfect. Enjoy the pictures and the rest of your day. 
(Forgot I had shades on.) ☹️😎
P.S. We had a “live tripod” and her name is DeAnna Henderson!!!!


Wonderful report, Iva.
Beautiful experience for the children and the GYO.
I am so glad you were willing to take on this project and make it a golden opportunity.
Good job.  Thank you.
And, the "other parent's" response is perfect!
Thank you for the photos.
Are there any of the children on the stage?
I am proud of you for pulling off this performance.  I wondered how the day would go, especially after the bonding our musicians had on Thursday afternoon and evening:  movies and ice cream.  Sounds like it was an excellent weekend!  We must do it again.